Thank you for playing

It’s been quite a week.  

Work commitments (sales AND yoga teaching), new opportunities (interview), and of course, the keeping up with the online dating scene; all while keeping myself in tip-top shape:) haha

This week started with a lot of unfruitful communication in the potential dating department, so much so, it made me want to start closing my emails with “thank you for playing”.  Sometimes it feels a bit like I am on a game-show,  I guess it kind of makes sense considering we are all on this site saying/typing one thing, which we hope represents ourselves as honest as possible without overdoing it, yet at the same time there are bound to be characteristics that may have been glorified.   Some of these emails, OY!  It makes one wonder how some people function in life in general, let alone attempting to converse with a woman.   

On my end, it is difficult to have patience.  Not only with the bad communication, If they can’t communicate or initiate a conversation via email, I’m doubtful that they will be able to initiate a conversation or maintain one in person.  That, for me, i know won’t work.  However, the other aspect of the process I have little patience for is how long do I wait for them to make the first move, to make the invitation to meet?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am TOTALLY fine with being the one to put it our there first, but after a conversation with a friend of mine last night, she pointed out to me that men still want to chase.  True.  I get it.  I also get how I can playfully communicate that I am ready to move forward, still giving them the chance to step forward, without coming across as a meany.  

Well, I waited.  And not that long surprisingly.  2 of the men I am interested in learning more about have asked me out to meet.  One more as agreed to meet with me for coffee, this one feels more dutiful than the other two, but, one never knows when one might be surprised.  

It does feel good coming out on top of a week that felt a little heavy, and at times hopeless.  I felt like I was not going to encounter any man who had an ability to ask questions that showed an interest in me, I now have 2 that want to meet me.  I felt the stress of my work commitments and feeling like I might not get it all done, I added pressure on myself to perform for an interview for a job I wasn’t sure I wanted, and I had added teaching pressure to help out my fellow yogis who needed subs while they were out of town.  All has turned out well, the interview process is over and I wasn’t moved forward (the universe taking the decision out of my hands), I met new and wonderful yogis in classes I normally don’t teach and was reminded of my gifts I have as a teacher that are uniquely mine.   For all of this I am grateful.

 I suppose I am exactly where I am meant to be. Which is exactly where we all are.








Greetings.  I must admit, I do not know the exact way to start a blog. I have done a smidge of research, but being the slightly impatient type, I figured minimal is best.  I’ll do my best to entertain you through the day to day adventures of a single girl, living with her dog in St. Louis; who loves practicing and teaching yoga, who works so she can travel well, eat well and live well,  all while searching for Mr. Right in what can seem (at times) like the worst town ever to be single in.  

Girl: meet Lena. 37 years old (oh jeez, did I just put that out there?!)  Sometimes it is astonishing at how fast time flies and how you thought  you would be somewhere so much different than where you are.  All while knowing, where you are is exactly where you are meant to be…..I must say though, I am rockin’ 37:) things could definitely be worse. I have never been married, I don’t have any children, well, I have one dog-child, Maddie.  She pretty much owns the house,  I just happen to live here. Sadly, she pays no bills, but I love her so very deeply and she makes me laugh every day, so she’s a keeper!  Plus, she has a very keen sense for knowing who is good and who is not so good for keeping our company. 

IMG_0295she also loves chasing bunnies and intensely watches squirrels in our back yard, daily.  Without her, I would just be “a girl”. 

little more about me:  A Pharma sales person by day, a yoga teacher by night.  A yoga student, always.  After diving into my yoga practice last year and completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training, I can honestly say for the first time, that I understand it (yoga) as a practice versus something that you “do”.  I do my best to live my yoga every day.  I practice asana daily and I am getting better at meditating daily.  This has  led me to a deeper understanding and openness with and to myself.  I am proud of my self work, I know that I am not perfect and I know that we are all a work in progress.  Through this practice of yoga, I find that  I am finally ready to open myself up to finding the ever sought after, “the one”. SO, let the adventures of how that is going to go unfold for your reading enjoyment. It’ll be fun. It will be interesting.  It will be in writing. 

It would be so fun if one day, I were to be contacted by a publisher to compile my writings into a book, E.g., Carrie Bradshaw in SATC.  A girl can definitely dream:-) 

Stay tuned…