A glass of wine on a Friday night…

I’m exhausted.  I’m pms-ing, it’s hot out and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a few days.  I notice as I get older, this PMS stuff more impacts my sleep and this does not make me happy.  It makes me cranky.  In addition, this last Tuesday I had my first migraine, with auras and all.  Fun fun.

Meanwhile, none of this is getting me down, I’m still living large in the single world:)

Last week I attended a charity event with a girlfriend of mine.  I find it most interesting to be at these events, (or really any time people are out and about being social and drinking and maybe looking to pick someone up) watching how people behave.  My friend Kristi is a gifted social butterfly and knows a lot of people through a lot of people.  We were talked to longer than I would have liked by a local ‘celebrity’.  He smelled like booze, he had little to no charm and I think men should know, if you are looking to land a chick (pardon my dudeism), you should at least show some interest in her and stop talking about yourself so much.  Oh, and maybe make sure you are single.  To be clear, I would not have been the chick he landed that night had any of those things been considered, just offering a tip to the men.  Men should ask women about women and what to do if they are in a bind, just as women should refer to men when they find themselves needing an opinion on a situation or next step.  Trust me ladies, I love you, but we know squat about men.  Turn to a man to learn about a man, Men: turn to the women in your life to help learn about what we want.  That is, if we don’t tell you first.  I digress.

To add to the fun of the boozy-smelling dude, there was a woman there who was showing pictures of her highschool crush that she had recently seen or talked to, I can’t remember, these details seemed insignificant at the time.  Those pictures were ones he had taken of himself in the buff.  Beefy arm muscle shots, nude ass shots, all in a bathroom mirror of course.  (Guys, most REAL women looking for a REAL relationship aren’t attracted to your weird bathroom pictures).  I just wanted to say: Honey, you realize if he’s sending these to you, he is likely sending them to other women?  And unless you are only in it for some sort of physical satisfaction and can totally handle that, that this guy seems like a total waste of your time?

Updates in my dating life include second dates with two of my suitors.  One, with the youngin (well, 30) and it seems as though that has naturally died on its own, which makes me happy because now I don’t have to end it.  Second suitor, still a contender, Kent*.  Short version, I think I like him.  We are set to go out again, so we will see how it all progresses.  I will spare you my inner most fears that vary anywhere from physical chemistry and potential physical satisfaction, functionality, etc. to the fact that he lives south.  SOUTH!  HAHAHA (all my peeps know that the whole world revolves around UCity) ;-0

On a random note, can you believe John Stamos is 50!?!?  WTF?! AND he is still sexy.  So ridiculous.

On  a yoga note: I went to my first offical Ashtanga practice this week.  HOLY BUCKETS!!! That S$*% is HARD!!! I want to add it to my yoga repertoire on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, I felt wrung out after, in a good way.  I taught a lot of yoga this week and I loved it all.  OH! And this weekend i am happy to be part of a local event to raise awareness for ovarian cancer at Forest Park.  I’ve been reciting the sun sal in my head before bed every night:)

Until next time, y’all


Happy weekend:)


SATC Part 2

This is guaranteed to make you laugh, especially if you actually KNOW me and are friends with me.

I’ve been totally over thinking and completely attaching myself to the end of my Friday date with Kent*. Here is some background information YOU need to know (insert news voice from ridiculous news shows like E!).  As our date is coming to an end, he walks me to my car. Very nice and gentlemanly.  Fear and stress settle in, my old familiar friends who like to visit me when the potential of a good night kiss might be in store.  Why? I have no idea.   As we walk across the street, he extends a hand to help guide me, as I am wearing my “big girl” shoes. ( Big heels, that  is)  And I, like  a three-year old, grab onto his FINGER with my entire hand.  Yes folks, I am a wee little girl.  Now he is in my car, and being the nice person I am, I drive him to his car.  It is a block away.  It is dark and rainy and it is the right thing to do.  We approach his parked car.  I start becoming uncomfortable to the point of giddy, because here is how I usually like or how I typically end evenings before:  If I am the passenger, I tend to jump out of the car (quite possibly while it is still moving) before anyone can kiss me.  OR we say our goodbyes at the entrance of the business, hug and go our merry ways.  Well, I am not in the passenger seat and somehow as I go in for the hug, I kiss him on the cheek. Ok. no big deal, right?  Then we kiss (a peck) on the mouth.  Ok. Now I am so beyond flustered that when he says “do you want to do that again?”  I IMMEDIATELY say “NO, not yet , It makes me nervous.”  At that moment I am thinking he means kiss me again.  But after much mind ruminating and quiet time, it has occurred to me (that I am a giant turd) that he was likely asking me out again.  OYYYY VEYYYYY!

Insert laughter!!

Now, this all occurs to me AFTER I had emailed him Saturday morning with a funny little note regarding one of our topics of conversation on Friday night.  Now I am certain he thinks I am beyond “quirky”.  A word he used in one of our email exchanges, which is an endearing descriptive word.  I will definitely take that word because I am, at the very least, QUIRKY.

So, we shall see if he replies and if he thinks I am a nutcase or Mishegas.


“I’ve been dating 15 years, I’m exhausted! Where is he?!?!” Charlotte York, SATC

My dating adventures this week left me a little tired (that and my busy work week and yoga teaching :), so, this real woman honored herself and stayed in Saturday night; and I happened to catch an old favorite (and good ol’ standby), Sex and the City, the movie.  Sometimes there is nothing better than having a nice home yoga practice followed by a home made meal and a night on the couch.  And although I am not yet feeling as ‘exhausted’  as Charlotte, there is a part of me that is waiting for that feeling of ‘this is IT’!, with every man I meet. 

Numero uno hombre: Rod*, 40,  from Venezuela, short in stature (and before you comment in your head about my short height, keep in mind I was taller than him in my 3 inch wedges. TALLER than him and I stand a wee 5’2″ if I’m lucky), works in investments and loves working out-boxing, cross fit, etc. He didn’t quite grasp my yoga practice and looked at me half cross eyed when I explained my eating habits… He is divorced and gave me some insight to how and why the marriage ended.  I like these meetings/dates because It gives me an opportunity to investigate what I and the other person are looking for and if they appear or sound like the same thing.  Although this person was nice, there were a couple of instances that occurred that were clear to me that we would not be good communicators, that and the fact that he definitely discounted some “red flags” with his ex (which he admitted).  I thought it was clear that we weren’t a match and perhaps he could even sense my unease around him before the date ended, so you can imagine my shock when he reached out to me on Thursday to ask me out for that evening.  To my friend’s point, it is definitely possible that he isn’t aware enough of himself to be aware/or read a situation. 

Numero dos hombre: Don*, 30 , from STL, lived in Boulder for a bit, some sort of management position and getting his MBA at Wash U. Coffee at Kaldi’s.  Apparently, Kaldi’s is the go-to spot for meetings.  Anyway, nice guy, good conversation, high energy and sweet.  He asked me out for the weekend before we left there.  I’m not sure it has potential for the long term, but he is very nice and I enjoy his company.  WE shall see. 

Numero tres hombre: Kent*, 40, from STL, has lived a very exciting, multi-cultural, adventurous life.  I had been looking forward to this meeting all week.  WE had open, honest and fun email exchanges and it seemed that we would have a lot to talk about and share.  I was almost too nervous.  I thought maybe he would stand me up! I don’t know why I felt that, he didn’t.  As I saw him walking into our destination before I had a chance to park , I totally felt like a dude (the attitude of a dude), he looked puffier than the pictures he had online:-/ At that moment, I let go of some of the added pressure I had put on myself and my nerves eased.  He is still a handsome man and I am not claiming that I am perfect or have a body of a model. (because I do not)  So, let’s just be clear about that.  I do however, take good care of myself (self preservation purposes and because I want to feel and present myself at my best for me and for my man).  I want a mate who views himself that way, too.  He is a cyclist, skis and has a yoga practice.  This intrigues me and made me happy in that he would at the very least, be able to relate to my practice and teaching and it’s importance in my life.  I did enjoy his company, and upon reflecting on the evening I think that he possesses a bit of humility that I find attractive given his life experiences so far.  WE will see if we see each other again and what comes of it.  PS: I understand why most matchmakers recommend no drinking or little drinking on a first date, because the booze can either inhibit or increase your assessment of the person you are with.  Now, this little gal has a 2 drink MAXIMUM, so I stuck to that, but I can’t help but wonder:  am I curious if I will hear from him because I like him or because I think I might like him?! 

Numero quatro himbre: Jon*, 41, from STL (lived in various other places as well) gainfully employed, recently divorced.  I sat down for this brunch with him today after having a couple of phone conversations with him.  He definitely has ADD, I mean crazy topic jumper. I found myself grasping for a deep breath, so much so, he asked me if I was ok. Then I felt like an idiot.  (I even practiced before this!)  IT is SO much easier to practice yoga on the mat than off the mat.  In fact, the REAL practice of yoga happens off the mat.  The living of the yoga can be very hard.  But I digress….after my mimosa and seeing the man across from me for the man that he is and enjoying it for what it was, I began to relax more.  He secured me for another date, he will be in touch and we shall do something “fun”.  This is a word he has used a few times, so I know he likes to stay entertained and I know he has ADD because when we left each other he said, “we sat there for 2 hours, I can’t believe you held my attention that long”.  And Lena leaves seeing, hearing, observing and gathering the things she needs to make the right choices for her.

I am meeting someone for lunch tomorrow.  More to report next week.

Now I really AM exhausted!  Honestly though, this is fun.  It takes a bit of work, but men aren’t pounding down my door on a daily basis or throwing themselves in front of my car, at least not yet!   Bwahhahahha! If it starts raining men, all the single ladies will know! 🙂 Cheers to all the beautiful ladies who stick together, support each other, raise each other up, stand by one another and love each other!  We all deserve the very best in life and love. Peace and love. Peace and love. 

*names have been changed to protect the dating innocent ;-0