A fairy tale kind of day

What started as a normal Monday off work, turned into the most (and possibly only) fairly tale, romantic kind of afternoon of my life so far.

I woke up to a beautiful, cooler and less humid summer day, practiced my yoga sequence for yogahour that I was set to teach at noon and after that, my girlfriend and I set out to Greek fest where we met up with the man of the moment.  The only one that I am interested in setting up more dates with these days.  Of course, I was slightly anxious about it all coming together and the crowd at the festival was making my anxiety worse.  Then, there he was and it all just fell together.  We collectively decided on which line to get in, we got all our yummy food and a beer, we all chatted and enjoyed each other’s company, the delicious greek food and the gorgeous weather.  I was so happy and at ease.

As we ended the greek portion of the afternoon, He and I decided to go to the park.  We set up a blanket under a shady tree and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  THe weather was perfect and the company was sweet.  I recognized how uncomfortable I was (am) with romance.  He even asked me if he was too romantic or cheesy, I tried not to think so, but I am SO not used to such amazingness that I don’t know how to accept it, but I am learning.  I mean, I don’t think I have ever been told such sweet things with sincerity and honesty, so it is foreign to me.  As prescribed by a friend, I am going to enjoy it.

He even opens the car door for me.  Apparently, chivalry is not dead.

Now if only Maddie can get her shit under control and be a nice doggie, we are good to go. 🙂