Everyone needs a {yoga} retreat.

Few things are better than beautiful warm mornings, looking across the blue, salty ocean and seeing the gorgeous sun rise.  IMG_0989

This wonderful start is followed by 2 hour morning yoga, a yummy brunch cooked for you, company to laugh and talk with, lazy afternoons sunning on the beach enjoying the ocean breeze to cool you from the heat of the sun, throw in a beach massage or two; ending the afternoon with a deeply restorative class to nourish the soul and body, then a bite to eat for dinner.  Not too far to go before you are off to bed for reading and rest.  The only time you need to be aware of is when yoga starts and when you are fed.  Otherwise, it’s all about nowhere to be and no one to answer to.  AHHHH, take me back to Mexico.  

I find time away from STL in the dead of cold winter (which usually falls in February), is essential for my well-being and comes at the perfect time to not only escape, but to recharge from the hustle, bustle and being pulled in so many directions of the holiday craze. 

This year did not disappoint; Lovely classes with Saul David Raye, offering us his deep spirit, love and variety of teachings including Kundalini and hatha to rejuvenate ourselves, cleanse ourselves and feed ourselves from the inside out.  Kitty’s deliciously sublime later afternoon restorative classes, which are such a gift.  She just IS mother Earth.  New friends being made, current relationships deepened, mostly with oneself and before you know it –  7 days have come and gone and you are back on a flight to reality.  

I find that coming back to what was left behind is not as hard as one would think.  I come back with a renewed dedication to my meditation practice, every morning connecting to my breath and quieting my mind.  I find that I am still able to keep some of the calmness that i either found or cultivated while on retreat and that is so needed when dealing with all the things that life throws at us daily; conversations with loved ones, whether they are easy or hard; interactions with co-workers and friends, are met with more love; I meet myself with more love and more awareness of what I want, who I am and who I want to be.  

I spent some time practicing with the great Elena Brower this past weekend and many things she said resonated with me, but this in particular, ‘at the end of each day, I ask myself, did I do right by myself? did I do right by my partner/my lover?  did I do right by my child?’  (paraphrasing of course) I always believed that if we all practiced yoga and had therapy, the world would be such a better place.   If we all just tuned in to ask ourselves at the end of the day if we were the best person we could be to ourselves, our family, our friends, our co-workers, strangers on the street…. how much better could we be?  How much more loving could we be?

I left Mexico calling in true love, trust and letting go. 

On the path to find true love, I’ve had 4 dates this week. 2 scheduled for next week.  A girl’s gotta date to find the true love that awaits her!  In the meantime, I am loving me truly and all those around me and trusting that I am in the right place and all things will flow in line as they are meant to be.