Blo{n}g overdue

It’s been quite a while since I’ve given an update in the daily life of me:) I have grown one chronological year older (wowza), yet I still feel like I am in my twenties (physically) and in contrast to the young-ness I feel physically, I enjoy the wisdom I’ve gained in these years.

I must start by saying that I am a lightweight in the drinking department and I’ve decided to write this after my more than 2 drink maximum-  3 drinks.  And let me share with you a secret: 4 ibuprofen and a full glass of coconut water after your evening has concluded has been my recipe for success against a hangover. That, and morning yoga and a walk, especially in this nice cool weather we are having that I so enjoy:)

So, I guess if I could mix together a perfect man for me, he would be 1 part Brian Williams (gotta love the news guy with sex appeal), one part Stephen Colbert (I love the character and the humor, as well as the smarts), a dash of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Mattthews and a smidge Kid Rock (I kinda like me some dirty dude-don’t judge, we all have someone/something that is a little off and I love me some musical influence. it’s the freedom and creative side in me coming out).

I have since been dating a man who is probably some sort of mix of his own and maybe a mix of all, or at least a majority of the aforementioned. He makes me laugh so hard, I have actually cried; he is reliable, accountable and responsible. His physical attributes include: super tall (6’4 to my 5 feet), cyclist, runner (who I am trying to lure into yoga), eats like shit (in my opinion, though he is his own person and I am trying to respect that) Examples include: Doritos, Fritos, mexican food (ok, that’s not shitty, but he jokes about Taco Bell way too much) and smoothie king (Really?!)  He once joked : do you think we would need separate refrigerators if we were married?  ( I think perhaps, yes)

I digress. I noticed today (or maybe a few days prior) that when I place some sort of qualitative name on the relationship, my energy and my expectation of the relationship changes and then I become a crazy person. Gosh, does he really even want to spend time with me? my crazy side asks (ok, that’s not so kind to myself, but you know what I am saying). This sucks, because I am not a crazy person. And I am in fact, happy with the way the relationship is and is going. It is very interesting to me that when people start asking more about him (because I have given some small piece of information on FB or something) it becomes something else in my head; something else that is more than it is or something that SHOULD be more than the simple goodness of what it is; and THAT is Fucked Up.

And now, as I write this, I find myself slightly pissed off that we didn’t see each other tonight he is racing tomorrow. (could be the booze) And I went out all by my lonesome for dinner (which was actually fun and I made friends that I chatted with-not surprising-I am social and friendly;). And I say to myself, why are you really pissed? What residue from past relationships is interfering with you enjoying the now of the relationship that you are in? Deep thoughts by Lena;-)

All that said, I do like this guy. We have fun together, we can talk and share with each other things that are real and part of life. I look forward to moving forward and at the same time, am trying to enjoy the present. Harder than one might think.

In other news, I have left my job for another opportunity that I feel really good about; similar industry,daily tasks and responsibilities, but more autonomy and accountability. I am really excited and I feel real good about it. It has been a while since I have felt this way about a job, so I am really looking forward to getting the training complete and meet all of my new team members.

Last, but not least, I am still teaching yoga and loving it. I actually was thinking of scaling down a bit on my classes, but I love them all so much, I don’t know what I would give up, so it looks like they are all staying 🙂 I was so proud of my WB students whose Down Dogs have come so far, I can’t let them down when it appears that they are actually listening to me;-)

Life is good, people. Hope life is good for you, too.

Peace and love