Fear Is a MOTHER F$%&*R!!!

I write this with a whole lot of love and some kick ass support that I am truly grateful for:)

Oh my. I have had quite a day sitting in and trying to bypass the discomfort that comes with fear. A wise someone I know said “FEAR IS A MOTHER %$&@ER!” and it is not our friend. Tough words of love, but truer words have rarely been spoken. The question lies in whether or not we are ready to hear them and face the beasts within.

whether we want to admit it or acknowledge awareness of it or not, we all suffer from fear of something. We all have a part of us that is still attached to a situation or experience in which we felt fear and when we experience something that feels or looks similar to that old experience, wouldn’t you know- FEAR shows up. It acts as a shield to protect us, it thinks it is helping us. Alas, IT is not. Fear is the catalyst that is here to awaken us, to draw us out of our old habits that are not serving us; it takes a WHOLE HELL Of a lot of courage, strength, trust and LOVE to recognize this and to SIT in the “sweat lodge” so to speak; sit in the discomfort within ourselves to break through the fire and come out on the other side into pure light, joy, and purification versus reaching outside of ourselves for a temporary validation. Sure, it feels good to be validated, but it’s just a band-aid on a much bigger wound that will eventually bleed out and cause us even more pain. Lovely visual, right?;0
It’s SO much easier said than done, I know, because I am living it RIGHT NOW and I assure you, it ain’t easy. But I KNOW that I have the capacity to sit in the fire (albeit very hot and extremely uncomfortable) and sit in the unknown, rather than trying to tell myself a story of BS that will only make me feel worse and won’t help a thing!! This sitting is like any other practice, it is like the (my) yoga practice; I remember trying to drop back from a back bend the first time, the fear and doubt was palpable. I couldn’t know if i could or could NOT do it unless I tried, so I did; I breathed, I took my time, I supported myself and had support of those around me and I did it! It wasn’t perfect, but I did it! I faced the fear with strength and confidence and I kept practicing. Like with anything, it became easier over time, more fluid and more available to me. We all have been in a place where we have had the opportunity to learn something new or try something we didn’t know we could be good at, we had to take a chance. We had to TRY! And until we do try, these experiences will keep revealing themselves to us as an opportunity to grown and expand within ourselves, out of fear and into love. I emphatically invite ¬†you to join me in taking that chance, in rising up to meeting our fear with love and compassion, embracing it for what it has to teach us and trusting that as we do, we are MORE than OK and we will have hearts and souls ready to receive the bright light of freedom from fear on the other side of the fire!!!