Inspiration. Short and Sweet.

First, i realize I am not the greatest with consistency when it comes to writing this blog.

Second, I suppose it doesn’t matter that much, because when I write is when I am inspired to write and really, to me, that’s all that matters.

Lately I’ve noticed my mood, I’m Happy. Joyous. Grateful. Full. Optimistic. That’s not to say that I sometimes get off the happy trail and can sail down grumpy lane. The difference between lately and who knows how long ago is this: I am SO MUCH MORE AWARE of when I am going down muddy lane and getting stuck there AND I now have the ability to PULL MYSELF up and out and get right back on Sunny Drive, keep myself smiling and happy and grateful; shining my bright light and letting myself be seen. Some of you might read this and think it’s annoying. That’s OK. I’ve been there myself. Some of you, like me, might find that sometimes you might even try and dim your bright light if others around you aren’t in the same vibration. To this I declare, NO! I have decided I can KEEP my sunny disposition and can hold a boundary between myself and those who might try and dim my light. I’ve also learned that living in a high vibration brings in MORE of what I want and more of what I deserve.

I think back to when I was a younger version of me, like much younger…and I recall all those times I took risks, showed my compassion for others, times when I stood up for others, even if it meant being made fun of myself. Somewhere along the line, I let that part of myself hide in the dark, thinking I was too strong, too independent, too capable. Why would I need to feel vulnerable? That was a scary feeling, to be seen. Raw. I’m bringing that part BACK  to the light. Being able to help others, have empathy and compassion for others is WHO I AM. I am a LOVING person. This quality is one I share with my mother. She is amazingly compassionate, always putting others before herself and doing the best she can with what she has. If you are like me and grew up a little “over emotional”, it now makes sense that I would hide it as I grew up. It seemed that being “emotional” was a bad thing. WHY?! I think it’s a GREAT thing. Even when I cry at the Making a Difference Stories on NBC Nightly News.

The truth is, there is A LOT to be stuck in the mud about and it would be very easy to live there for a long time. BUT when we can take a moment and flip our perspective, see ALL the GOOD that is out there (starting small could help:), it truly can change our lives and the lives of those who live around us.

Just tonight I was inspired by these ladies (ages 70-90!!) who play Basketball and are going for the GOLD. Some of them just started playing the sport AT 70!! And Malala Yousafzai, the young woman who was shot by terrorists, is moving forward in life, serving others and opening a school. Seeing people make a difference through sharing the gift of their voices, seeing people of a community rise above violence that invaded their place of worship and safety. IT doesn’t take great tragedy to make a difference in the life of yourself or others. But sometimes we wait until a great tragedy to make a change. WE all think we will live forever, that there is always more time, more things to get done, more places to go. There may be. For a while. But life is definitely moving faster than I want it to, or thought it was when I was 14, so I choose today and every day to shine brightly, to share my light and to hopefully be an inspiration to others, as others continue to inspire me.

All Love




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