John Mayer makes me swoon

I mean, can we hang out John?! You’re so damn talented and sexy. And that hair!! I LOVE the hair. And these new glasses you’re wearing? Yeah, I approve. I’m in. You can do no wrong in my book, John. Like I once told my friend, Adrienne: “he’s just misunderstood”. Can you come play at my fortieth birthday bash on May 13th?!?! Thank you:)

I love eyes. Eyes are the windows to our souls. I like to look into them, and feel the person in front of me at their core, if they’re open enough to offer that. It’s taken me some practice to feel comfortable eye gazing, but it works, ladies!! (and gents:) Blue eyes, my favorite. I’m a sucker for baby blues. All you guys on Tinder with sunglasses on- I’m never swiping you to the right. You’re loss. I mean, if I can’t see your eyes, I’m missing a lot of info. And if you know someone out there with all photos in shades, let them know they’re missing out on some amazing women who want to see their eyes:)

I love hair. Thick, FULL hair; in the likes of John Mayer and Jason Bateman, you know. I have been blessed to have men in my life who exhibit these delicious favorites of mine and I continue to call in even more and better men of these likenesses. And the laughter, I can’t exclude how much I LOVE a man who makes me laugh!! B is SO funny!! I love it. He also has clear, open and honest eyes and thick dark hair. He also is so damn smart and interesting. I’m enjoying dating him and getting to know more about him over time. Plus, he told me I was “refreshing” on our first date, so he’s a winner 🙂 And since we aren’t exclusive, I’m enjoying being offered to be taken out by other attractive, confident men who are attracted to me:) Because, no one puts baby in a corner! (haha)

I definitely am having a LOT more fun dating than I was 6 months ago. If you wanna know why, you should totally ask me and I’ll tell you! I’ve had to relearn lots of things and let go of some good ol’ stand by’s that weren’t, and aren’t serving me on my pathway to love. It’s so easy for me (and was a hard habit to break), NOT putting all my proverbial eggs in one basket so to speak. I mean, it’s pretty customary for most people to start dating someone, and like my friend Scott used to say, “trying to push a square peg in a round hole” or vice versa, but you know what I mean. We get involved with this one person and instead of taking inventory and gathering information and SEEING if they are worthy of us (and that goes both ways), we start to pin them into this person we WANT them to be, an idea of what we want. And They might not (and mostly aren’t) BE ABLE to be. AND you might not even LIKE them, you just want them SO BADLY to be THE person so you can STOP dating and get along in the relationship. But what fun or good is that, I ask you, if you aren’t HAPPY?!?! I would venture to guess, no fun at all. And actually, i am not guessing. I know! From experience, I know.

To be on the opposite side (finally) of this pressure I was placing on myself and all the people I dated, feels liberating. And I know that growth and awareness in myself is a HUGE reason why I am now dating high quality, confident, amazing men who are attractive, interesting, And FUN! All this work I’ve done and continue to do is, and will continue to increase all the good I deserve and desire! it’s very exciting and feels really good. And feeling good is the most important thing:) ❤

I can’t even tell you how amazingly awesome I feel today! It’s been a GREAT day! I baked some yummy vegan treats, danced some awesome dancin’ at Nia this morning, and taught some hard working humans pilates. Now jammin’ out with John playing his amazing guitar solos on a live show (via YouTube) in Amsterdam. Soon I’ll be dressing up as a GoGo dancing girl (thanks Whitney!!) for a Birthday/Halloween party. I’m a dancing machine today everyone, you’ll even find me bustin’ a move in line at Trader Joe’s, too!

Peace, love and dancing!



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