Making the Connection

We humans are fascinating to me, I guess I should clarify, our habits are fascinating to me. I get it, we all have a connection to what we know and for the most of us, we stick to what we know, even if it brings pain and suffering; staying in our learned habits has a certain amount of comfort to it. And changing our habits requires a commitment to explore other options and move out of the perceived safety of what we have been doing.

I love this Egyptian Mint flavor of tea by Yogi brand, I only had a few packets left and it has become a habit for me to drink multiple cups a day, so I ventured out to Whole Foods early Tuesday morning to get some more. And what do my wandering eyes see?! A SALE!! 2 for $6 Yogi teas!! WOOHOO!! I’m all set. I see my tea and then I see another flavor, so very close to what I already know I adore and love, Egyptian Tea. Straight up. No mint. “hmmmm….” I think to myself, “what do I do?! “Do I try a NEW tea?” but you LOVE this one, comfort and fear say. “what if you don’t like this one as much?” Ugh. “you don’t want to be disappointed.” True. So, I courageously buy one of each. I’m set. One I KNOW for SURE i like and the other one, the new one, the one that is outside my comfort zone and unfamiliar. I mean, I can always come back and exchange it, right? yes. I can.

Now, some of you might be like, why is she talking about tea? Well, Because here’s the deal, I observed that these questions of doubt, uncertainty and fear show up in other areas of my life. Specifically, I’ve learned throughout this year how many times my old habits, my old mindset were holding me back in dating. These same questions stemming from the fear of breaking out of old habits or a mindset can be seen in any situation on our life where we feel the friction of a new opportunity presenting itself to us, over the old, familiar way of doing things.

So, when I made the connection from this tea situation to my old dating habits, I HAD to share them because I JUST KNOW that other people could relate to this, maybe not the tea specifically, but you get where I’m going.

So, The outcome? Weeellllll, turns out the newbie is SO MUCH MORE tasty than my “go-to” flavor and I am so happy. AND if I hadn’t taken the “leap” (hahaha) to try something new and unfamiliar, I would have “missed out” on it’s deliciousness. Same goes for dating, or whatever area in your life you are allowing comfort to influence you versus breaking out of the mold of the mundane and comfort; When we stay in the perceived safety of our habits, we close ourselves off to the excitement and pleasures of trying something new. We have to take chances to grow in love. And sometimes just trying a new tea can spark something even greater. ❤

May you find inspiration and encouragement to break free of your old habits that are no longer serving you and march forward courageously and lovingly in the direction of newness and expansion.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! From my full tea cup, to yours 🙂




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