How your experiences can change you

Oh. My. GAH!!! (spontaneously channeling my inner Jack from Will & Grace:)) HAHA really though, it’s been 5 months since I wrote a blog!? UGH!! That has *got* to change, and being that this week’s topic is on how things can change you, seems like I just inadvertently invited myself to make a change to write more:)

Life is full. Life is amazingly, abundantly full. I am not complaining. I am grateful. There was one minor breakdown last week, which can mostly be attributed to lack of good rest, but all in all, there are less moving pieces and they are all falling into perfect place. Do the work, Trust the process, I remind myself.

I have committed to a new long term life project that involves me emailing and having phone conversations with people I either don’t know at all or might have a social media “relationship” with (And no, it’s not dating HAHA, although I am still a spunky, empowered goddess dating and preparing for my man:); I’m in sales, I teach yoga and pilates, so having conversations with people I know and don’t know is part of my job, it’s part of who I am. So, this part isn’t so hard. What’s hard is when you have a conversation from a place of pleasing, and not empowerment; I had one of those conversations last week with someone I didn’t know but for his FB account. Have you ever been in conversation with someone, totally engaging with them and know that something is a little off? You’re in it, but you have a “funny feeling”, you can’t quite name it, but it’s there. Hello, intuition. Thanks for standing up right now, because for whatever reason, (and we all have our own) standing up or speaking up for myself wasn’t an option I felt I could take. For me, in that particular conversation, it was a combination of things: 1. I’m new to this, I can’t speak up. 2. he might not like me. Empowered Lena doesn’t give a F*$% if someone likes her. (and Empowered Lena is conducting and building business AS WELL as a connection with people, that can only happen when both sides are openly and genuinely themselves). But, empowered Lena was not driving this conversation, the other party involved was. I was made aware that my intuition was SPOT ON the next day, when I received an email with unsolicited feedback for me on our conversation. (and really, when is our intuition EVER wrong?? NEVER!! the answer is NEVER!!!)

That same night I reached out to a….let’s say, friend. 🙂 I was feeling feisty and powerful and really feeling like I had nothing to lose, and since I don’t, there was no harm in trying to have a little fun:) I was fearless in asking for what I wanted and needed, even knowing in all honesty, he couldn’t deliver.

What’s really awesome about both these situations is that I used them to catapult myself forward in fearlessness of asking for what I want and what I need, in business AND in life. I immediately put this into action yesterday at work, and ya know what?! I got her commitment on what I wanted her to do!!

When we are confronted with someone else’s BS, we can choose to be affected by it negatively, or choose to see it for what it is, their stuff, and see any potential conflict instead as a door that opens you to UPLEVEL YOURSELF.

Someone doesn’t want to do business with you? Ok. thanks for telling me so!! Now I can channel my energy into someone who DOES. Someone isn’t capable of giving you what you want or deserve in relationship or as a lover?! FINE!!! THANK YOU! They have helped clear the way for more of what you DO want and DO deserve to come barreling toward you!! Say thank you to all the No’s in life, they are simply the way to even more Yes’s.

I believe this: Ask and you shall receive. Always. 1000%. In some cases, it might not be the answer you were hoping for, but it WILL be the answer you need. And if you don’t ask, you never know!!

Be empowered. Be confident. Be the change you wish to see in others. Do it all with Love. ❤

That’s all this frigid tuesday. May the force of love be with you all.


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