My Super Power is Love

I know it might sound hokey pokey to some, but this “love stuff” I speak of, it really does work!!

And as I write this, I realize there are people who will read this and want to scoff at me, or put me down for being happy, that’s ok, I’m not affected by it. (well, I can be, sometimes but I have learned how not to be as much:)  I have superwoman love Cuffs on (imagine Wonder Woman:) I discovered how powerful my superpower of love had become after I received a very hurtful and hateful message from someone I had met last weekend. Have you ever been in a situation where you enjoyed the conversation with someone, but you knew there wasn’t a reason for you to get together again? And being a compassionate, respectful person, you tell them so? yep. Well, we can’t control how the other person receives us, THAT’S something I know FOR SURE!! None of us can really know another person to the degree that we know ourselves. And how well we know ourselves is always up for debate, and I mean ALL of us, the shadow side AND the light. It’s a whole lot easier to accept, be with, and share the light within us, not so easy to embrace or even acknowledge the dark. The dark side is our key to even more light, it’s our key to being even brighter than we already are!! We can choose to keep hiding behind the lamp shade, OR we can step into the fullness of our light and really LIVE and LOVE!

I’ve always been a happy human. Always. I remember being a kid, even when i was a little chunk-aroo, I was happy; I was happy helping others, I always wanted everyone to feel good and I wanted everyone to be happy, too; even when others were hurtful and mean to me, somehow I managed not to let go of my Love superpower. At some point in life, though, probably when what you APPEARED to be versus who you really WERE became more important, I lost my superpower…well, it went on hiatus. When I think back to and feel when I lost it, it feels like my light went out, not all the way, but I didn’t shine as brightly as I once did when I believed in love, when I believed I WAS love. Until I made a commitment to myself and to the love I wanted to see in my life, I was still living a little under the radar, cloaked in protective gear/fear and disconnecting from love.

The work I committed to this last year has opened me up to even more possibilities than I ever imagined!! I know I’m in alignment with what I desire because I receive messages like this: “I had a great time walking and talking with you! You have an effortless style and charming personality, plus you are very beautiful!! I hope to hear from you soon, hope you’re having a good class!” and ya know what?! this FEELS GOOD!!! It FEELS GOOD to know I accept myself and no matter what someone thinks of me, good or bad, has no bearing on my feelings for ME! Because I am NEVER leaving ME! So all of me can rest in love and know we are ok, safe.

And this is why I am spreading joy and love. Because it works, if you let it. ❤ 🙂

I was inspired to get up and write this mid-meditation, affirmation setting…sitting in front of my altar, I opened my Desire Map planner and (gasp!) it’s MARCH first!! How did that happen? I felt this immediate sense of newness; knowing that even more abundance, love, and growth is coming my way. And for you, too!!!

I believe in the power of love. For everyone.

xoxo lena