The Power of Your Essence

Do you ever notice how when you travel, you are just naturally more open? Because we are out of our “normal” environment and around so many different people, it might be a little easier to let our guard down and have different experiences; add to that the energy of a specific city, and you have a perfect recipe for some new experiences!!

Last weekend marked the beginning of my many travels until mid-September. Holy crap, writing that makes it SO real, and to be honest, a little overwhelming!! I love to travel, I also love the comforts, and routine of home. ahhh….but I digress (a smidge). As I was saying….I spent the weekend in Atlanta last weekend for a seminar, have you ever been to ATL?! Oh MY!!! There were people, AND MEN, EVERYWHERE!!! We stayed in Midtown, everyone was so friendly!!  But, I must confess, I wasn’t overly excited about being in a hotel all day, every day for meetings. :/ BUT I made the intention that I was going to be OPEN TO RECEIVE inspiration and value from the conference, and I did, in many ways.

We had plenty of time for lunch and dinner and one evening, I think Saturday, I was sitting at the hotel bar, we were staying at the W, talking to a fellow vegan next to me, and when I turned to my left, there were 2 men right there, we made eye contact, smiled and so then began a night of fun, laughter, conversation and spontaneity I needed!!! (needless to say, I skipped out on the evening session of the seminar, I felt this experience was going to be the teaching I needed in that moment:)) It had been a little while since I had been “picked up” you could say, and it felt REAL good to practice my flirting skills and let go of expectations and just enjoy the experience of chatting with these two guys. Talking with them gave me the opportunity to express what it means to be a love coach, and they shared feedback and offered their own individual life stories and experiences that gave me an insight to other things I hadn’t yet been exposed to thinking about, so that was cool. They both complimented me on how much fun I was, how easy it was to be around me and they invited me to another place with them in Buckhead, I was a little resistant at first, I was tired (I had one more day of seminars Sunday),  I was alone and I wasn’t sure I could handle any more, to be honest. BUT I decided to go! One of them had said, just come for a half hour, you can leave when you want. So, I did. And it was FUN! I met a few more people at the next place, seriously, It was SO GREAT meeting and talking to so many men. It doesn’t happen that often here in Saint Louis. And I did leave shortly after I arrived, my energy started to dip and I knew I needed sleep. They got me an Uber and I was off to my bed.

Two days later I was out and about for some photos and I caught the eyes of many men, one walking across the street yelled out, “you look sexy!” He was sexy, too!! I FELT sexy, shiny, open and amazing the entire trip!! OH! I forgot to tell you about the man who came up to me from the seminar who I had spotted and made eye contact with Friday afternoon, he came up to me Saturday and said, “you are too beautiful not to say hello to”.

All of these experiences add up to this: When we, as women, are in our feminine essence, we are irresistable!! We attract people TO US and people feel GOOD around us. Remember how I said I had the intention of being open to receive inspiration and value from this trip? I did, in multiple ways, not only from the content of the seminar, but in the context of my life experiences. If I weren’t open, I wouldn’t have had these episodes of awesomeness. Or if I did, they would have been totally different, but because my energy was approachable and unblocked, I could RECEIVE these gifts!!

So, my invitation to you for today and the next week is: can you connect inward to what is holding you back from experiencing pure joy within yourself? What can you do differently during your day that could spark a new experience or outcome? Think baby steps….it doesn’t have to be a major undertaking to start a new thread of possibility. It could be as simple as this: before you walk out the door, you look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are beautiful and you love your eyes (smile, laugh, hands, etc., whatever it is), and that today you will smile at everyone you see….and just NOTICE what happens….then report back and let me know:) ❤

With love,