About your Blogger :)

Lena decided to take up writing a blog as she dove deeper into the dating pool, she thought it would be a fun way to share with others her dating adventures. She finds that writing is an outlet for her emotions and experiences and hopes that readers can find enjoyment in reading her blogs; as well as finding that they have had, or know someone who has had similar experiences and can share in them.

Lena is a sales person by day, she also teaches and practices (daily) Yoga, she loves to get creative in the kitchen making vegetarian dishes and making/baking healthier desserts, which often times include taking the plunge to explore new raw and vegan ones:)

She lives in a house she has made her home over the past nine years with her beloved cocker spaniel, Maddie. She {finally}enjoys her work and is in a very healthy and happy place both personally and professionally.  She is excited (but not desperate) to share her life in love with the right man for her, she just wishes he would show himself;-0



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