Dating: it’s a part time job

So, if you didn’t read my last blog, I made the intention in Mexico to call true love into my life.  In order for one to do this, one must be available to date.   Back in December, I learned that 4 dates a week was too many.  I also learned that meeting for drinks took longer and sometimes I didn’t want to drink, I’d rather meet at a quaint little coffee shop. I also learned not to give my number too soon for a phone chat because there are dudes out there who can really talk your ear off.   Who knew?!?!  New process is as follows: face to face meeting, preferably for coffee and no one gets my number until I am certain I want to see them a second time.  So far, so good on this strategy.  Below you will be informed on how these past two weeks of dating have gone.  Prepare to be entertained….maybe..;0

I think I can recall that I have had up to 10 dates in the past 2 weeks.  Mostly all first dates and one second date.  And tonight, I am tired and I learned that when someone asks you when your last date was and you say Wed. of last week, it might be too much to be that open about it. But hey, I’m not a good liar. I don’t want to lie.  And if you read my profile, you know that I want to meet the right guy and as I said, one can only do that if one is meeting people and one by one assessing if  they are worth a second go round.

After a doozie of a phone conversation last night with a guy who told me in 20 minutes the last 10 years of his life in full detail and clearly didn’t see himself as a/the problem in his past TWO marriages….i was happy that I had a nice little meeting with a European tonight.  He was laid back, interesting, easy to talk to and easy going.  It was a nice way to end this week of dates, cuz I’m busy this weekend with my girlfriends and I don’t want to squeeze a guy in just to appease them.  And that detours me briefly back to the arrogant Asshole from last night.  That conversation was a blessing because it gave me the opportunity to exercise my right to turn someone down.  To practice saying OUT LOUD that I didn’t feel interested enough to meet him for coffee.  I didn’t say it as I am writing it here, mind you, but it was said.  I needed that practice and it felt good to honor my instincts and my RIGHT to decline someone a meeting. I don’t have to go out with everyone who asks.  I know what is right for me and I know how to listen and pay attention to my feelings and THAT is something I am proud of  and I needn’t concern myself with what others might think.   I have said yes to too many people or yes to a second date when I didn’t really want or feel the connection to grant that occasion, only to find myself back tracking and trying to get out of the plans, reschedule or make up some reason that I can’t meet them.  And that’s not fair. To me or to them.

I guess I’m feeling some potential with a couple guys.  One I have been out with once for coffee and since then, he has been texting me and/or calling daily. That is a little much for me, however I am appreciative that he clearly (and has told me) that he is not “very good at this, so you’ll have to bear with me”.  I am grateful and I find it endearing that he was thinking of me when he was out of town.  I’m hopeful, that by example, I might be able to influence his amount of communications.  The other, I think I like, but there’s no real desire to make time for him any time soon.  So, that might be my sign…

In other news, I think the Universe is telling me that everything I need or want is right in front of me, literally.  I went for a walk with Maddie yesterday and I wore a pair of earrings from Sayulita that I love. I came home and they were no longer in my ears.  I walked around the block (yep, Maddie only wanted to go around the block) looking for them and they were nowhere on the path.  Where were they?!  In my driveway, steps from where we leave our house for the walk.  Just lying there.  Here I am.  I also lost an earring months ago, also on a walk I thought.  I was at the yoga studio the other day, I opened up the box to pick up my check and low and behold-my earring lost months ago.  The other one in the car in my garage.  Happy girl. All is right in front of you if you can just stop or a second and see it.

peace out.  Sleep awaits.