New Beginnings…

I admit, I like writing, but I kind of suck at keeping up with a blog. For me, it’s kind of like painting, I need to feel the inspiration to do it. Sometimes, I don’t really have anything to write about, other times I just can’t find the time (or I don’t really want to) sit down in front of a screen and write; It’s not part of my make-up to put myself behind a computer screen. I think sometimes I should take this laptop out on the road, out of my house, where other people are.

Speaking of where other people are, last night me and the girls headed out to a yoga event. (Shocking! 😉 I know!) Most public, grand scale yoga events are not my thing-my friend lovingly referred to such events as the “wal-mart of yoga”. BWAHAHAHAHA

I admit, I was a smidge skeptical; I have gone to mass yoga events in the past and they were less than amazing, this one however, was quite nice, given I was there with 200 of my new closest friends. I liked it. Mostly, I liked being with my friends and being among people who I have at least one common interest with. I liked interacting and practicing my flirting skills (which, as I have recently discovered, I am not so great at, BUT I am learning and will get better and POOF all things love will arrive:) I actually NEED these social events. I NEED human contact and conversation over technological communication. I NEED to be seen, heard, touched and paid attention to, as we ALL do. I struggle giving myself these much needed social interactions, because I spend a lot of my days-well-ALL of my days intermittently surface level socializing with my accounts for work. My days are pretty much all the same: wake up, tend to dog and self, meditate, get ready for work, set out for work in my car listening to Howard Stern (all day),driving, walking in and out of offices where I may or may not get to talk to people who may or may not give a shit about what I am doing or there to talk about. go home, walk the dog, practice yoga at home or in a studio, make something to eat, wind down, read and go to bed. That is SO VERY EXCITING!!! RIGHT? I am a routine girl, I’m also a person who likes to have down time. I have noticed though, that the down time needed is becoming less and less (sometimes); like when Carrie and Aidan finally move in together and she is overwhelmed that he is just THERE, in her space ALL the time, so she asks him for space, she gets it, then finds she doesn’t need as much time as she thought she did to spend alone, with herself. I mean, I’m not in totally the same boat, but it’s the same concept. If I hadn’t had this night on my calendar for the past two weeks, I would have likely not gone out and would have missed quality time just being with and enjoying life with people I really care about and love (minus this one guy who totally crashed our GNO-not you, Jake! hahaha;-0 ) What I am saying in this extremely long paragraph is that it is SO MUCH EASIER to do the things we have always done. We KNOW what all those things feel like. We are used to them, they are SAFE. It is NOT SO EASY to make changes, to move outside our comfort zone and to really go for the things we truly DESIRE. This is the very reason I have made a fairly large investment in myself to make some changes in my life, my love life to be exact. The spring equinox and the lunar eclipse placed some pretty wonderful opportunities in front of me and what better time to clear out the old to make room for the new, than Spring?! I definitely identify and participate in the concept of a little “spring cleaning”; reflecting on the past, observing patterns, seeing what did or did not work and setting forth new goals, aspirations and desires for the new cycle coming. It’s a pretty natural time (for me and for most everyone) to tend to the homes we live in, our bodies and our minds, as well as our constructed homes. I know the road ahead will have some peaks and valleys, I know I will be challenged within myself to make changes for what I want to manifest. I know I will be faced with fear and I will overcome it, as I have overcome it in the past. I know I can do it and I know it will pay off. I know because I believe it will and because I have the experience of being faced with fear and I have the experience of practicing things that aren’t {always}easy, but I work through, I breathe through, I move through to see and feel the changes, (Yoga) And I arrive on the other side of fear.

Peace, love and yoga.